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CNC machines have been a new addition in the mechanical industry and for this there's a serious lack of experts who know how to truly utilize CNC milling machines. Due to this deficiency, companies are ready to pay double the amount of the normal to the employees. There is a great need of CNC experts and by keeping this thing in mind WPT provide professional and certified training to the students at affordable price. At present time this is the only industry that is moving esthetically fast.

It is a numerical method to control machines and is a versatile method. The function of CNC operator is to control the motion of tools and parts through computer programs. Our training programs are specially designed according to the specific needs of the industry. Students are trained by professional staff who have experience of years in this industry. So what are you waiting for, browse through WPT website and enroll yourself for a successful career ahead.

CNC Training Curriculum
Module 1
  • Basic Machining Center Principles
  • Different models of machines and tools
  • Operating Principles
  • Basic components of the machine
Module 2
  • Basic Machining Introduction
  • Difference between CN & CNC System
  • Open loop and closed loop control system
  • Control Modes
  • Power Supply
Module 3
  • Machining Center Coordinate System
  • Planes coordinate system
  • G90,G91, G16, G15
Module 4
  • Programming method of CNC Machining Center
  • NC related dimensioning
  • Polar Coordinates
  • Programming Languages
Module 5
  • Understanding the codes
  • Modal and Non-Modal codes
  • Explanation of G00, G01, G02, G03
  • Plane Selection
Module 6
  • Coordinates and Directions of Movements
  • Signs of Coordinates
  • Direction Of Movement
  • Machine zero and Program zero