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There are several reasons behind automating a task. However, the most important ones are to reduce the complexity and to accomplish the task quickly. Meeting these goals have not been easier since ages, but with proper knowledge and skills of automated machines everything is possible. This is what, WPT is aimed at accomplishing. We provide A-one training in various mechanical and civil sectors, and CNC Turning is just one of them.

Turning is one of the most important machining processes in the field of mechanical and civil engineering. In this process, a workpiece is rotated while a cutting tool placed at a certain distance and at a certain angle is moved parallel to the axis of rotation. Turning is done internally as well as externally depending upon the requirement.
There are 10 out of 11 instances when you need objects that are turned precisely, according to the defined standards. Manually, the task of generating such objects is done using a Lathe machine. However, for accurate and quick results, the similar process is now done with the help of a CNC turning machine.

A novice never knows how to program the functions of the machine. So, our highly qualified and experienced engineers at WPT train students on the basics of CNC, turning, operations performed using this machine and programming that is important for the machine function automatically. Our motto is to make you industry experts and we are thriving for it since years in the industry.

CNC Training Curriculum
  • Basic Turning Center Principles
  • Basic Machining Introduction
  • Machining Center Coordinate System
  • Programming methods of CNC Machining Centers
  • Understanding the Codes
  • Coordinates & Directions of Movement
  • Turning Tools & Operations
  • Other Tooling Operations & Coolant Use
  • Understanding of Turning Cycles
  • Manual Machine controls
  • Using coordinated systems on machine
  • Reference Point & Over Travel Recovery
  • Reference and Machine
  • Machine Zero & program Zero
  • Z axis Return
  • Hand Pulse wheel
  • Interface
  • Tool Offsets
  • Creating Program Zero/Job Dialing