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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the set of techniques we use to improve the position of a website or webpage in the search engine results list such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. It is a crucial area for any company or project that wants to obtain visibility and customers on the Internet.

The digital marketing is a strategy that encompasses multiple areas such as structural design and accessible web pages, optimizing the content or use of marketing and social networking websites (SMM). Its multidisciplinary character requires professionals with specific training for this field, with a global vision that allows them to understand all the aspects involved.


  • Understand the basic terms and concepts of digital marketing.
  • Identify the key aspects of a website, internal and external, to improve its positioning: structure, standards and accessibility; web performance (WPO); content and optimization of keywords; link building strategy - link baiting.
  • Know the fundamental elements of Social Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  • Identify the techniques that can penalize us (Black Hat digital marketing).
  • Know the tools to measure, analyze and improve our digital marketing strategy.

6 Months Digital Marketing Training Addressed to:

All those interested in knowing the keys of web positioning and who want to learn how to design or evaluate a good digital marketing strategy in a website.

It is aimed at professionals (webmasters, web designers, marketing technicians, community managers, ...) and students who are preparing in some of these areas. It is also aimed at entrepreneurs, small business managers and managers in technical or marketing areas who need to evaluate an digital marketing strategy for their websites.

This course deals with aspects related to web design or online marketing, so it is convenient that the student is familiar with the basic concepts of these areas. However, each section is introduced from a basic level, which facilitates the monitoring of this training even without having this prior knowledge. This course has been designed and developed by Digital Learning, that will give the tutorial assistance to the students of the course.

Characteristics and Methodology of the Six Months Digital Marketing Training

  • Enroll in the date you want and start the course that same day.
  • Mark your own work rate, with a broad period of 6 months, to complete the course. If you need more time, you have monthly term extensions.
  • Have the personal assistance of the digital marketing trainer to which you can consult all the doubts related to the content and exercises of the course.
  • Consult the support forums and interact with other participants.
  • Study the theoretical contents in the web platform (also downloadable in pdf format).
  • Perform tests and practical activities, to check for yourself, your degree of progress.
  • Learn through exercises that the Tutor will review and discuss with you.
  • The set of activities carried out will allow you to obtain the Diploma accrediting the use of the Course.

Syllabus of 6 Months digital marketing Training Course

Overview of digital marketing and search engines

  • Definitions and basic concepts
  • Factors to improve digital marketing
  • Analyze how we want to position ourselves. Keywords
  • Search engines Activities
  • Exercise on search engines and results pages
  • Test of self-evaluation

On-page factors: Architecture, Usability and Standards

  • Design factors and accessibility that affect digital marketing
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Structure of a website: Architecture
  • Structure of our site: technical considerations
  • Monitoring of web standards
  • Optimization of web performance (WPO, load time)Activities
  • Exercise on the file "robots.txt", on pages of error, on optimization of load time
  • Re-assessable activity
  • Test of self-evaluation

On-page factors: Content optimization

  • Analysis and selection of keywords
  • Location of keywords
  • Content. Quality and update Blog
  • AMP mobile pages Activities:
  • Practice of creation of header
  • Metatags -Exercise: Analysis of keywords of a Web- Evaluable activity
  • Case study of the selection of keywords for the creation of a business website

Off-page factors: Link Building and Link Baiting

  • Techniques to get links. Link building and Link Baiting
  • Exercise: Analysis of outgoing links in a website
  • Exercise on search of viral content in social networks
  • Analysis of incoming links in a web


  • Networks and social websites, forums, blogs, communities (SMM). Construction of links on social websites
  • Online advertising (SEM)
  • Construction practice of incoming links to our website
  • Analysis of the presence and use of social networks of several companies

Tools of Analysis and Measurement of Results digital marketing

  • Key Indicators (KPI)
  • History of changes digital marketing
  • Tools for Webmasters Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Google Analytics - Other tools Activities

Didactic Resources

The 6 Months digital marketing course offers you the following resources :

  • Theoretical content (web and pdf)
  • Self-correcting Tests and Activities
  • Exercises reviewed by the digital marketing expert
  • Support and participation forums

6 Months digital marketing Training Certificate

After completing the course, you will receive a digital marketing Training Certificate in digitally certified pdf format as well as hard copy, which includes the subjects and hours taken in this training.

Why Choose us

Because we are one of the IT companies in Chandigarh & Mohali and we focus all our efforts on researching and developing our methodology to innovate and apply the best practices in e-learning, as opposed to the majority of Training centers and online portals that try to take advantage of what they already have to apply it in the environment virtual or, in spite of being new, they continue teaching in the same way as traditional schools.

Because our digital marketing trainers are expert professionals and successful digital marketers who have innovated in their sector and are passionate about teaching what they know. They are very close to the student, compared to traditional training centers that opt for more academic profiles or gurus that have a lot of name but little time to devote to students.

Because our content is 100% original and our digital marketing trainers constantly develop and update the material and the projects and activities with which you learn in their classes and, therefore, can offer real feedback about your work and yours, compared to other training centers The content or cases have been purchased or prepared by someone who does not teach the class.

Because we will teach you how to learn to learn and strengthen your critical thinking in front of other training centers where they only want you to memorize content and demonstrate it by passing exams. We know that passing an exam does not guarantee that you have learned anything.

Because we think that business ethics is fundamental and from the educational institutions we have to propose an alternative model with the responsibility of forming more responsible people who bet on business models that add value to their companies, workers and society in a way sustainable.

Because we bet on innovation as a change strategy and because we are a leading Software and Web development company that promotes the entrepreneurial attitude of our students before life and in their companies and we will support you from start to finish..

If you need specialized advice to develop your digital marketing strategies, contact us and we will help you position yourself on the first page of Google.