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Capabilities behind every electronic device is the embedded system that makes all the devices intelligent and provide access to store data. With the growing needs of electronic devices and the devices like phone, electronic gadgets, i pods, tablets and many other items use embedded systems and has become a necessity.

For this the demand for embedded systems has increased tremendously and it has also increased the demand for highly skilled professional in embedded systems. So with the busy life schedules, the demand for these devices has also increased. WPT understand this increased demand and provide training to the fresh engineers to enhance their skills to the industry exposure and provide concepts along with the wide range of projects.

We are one of the best training providers to ECE students in Mohali and Chandigarah. Students here learn to design, deploy robust, prototype, and reliable systems along with a wide range projects.

Training Curriculum:

  • Embedded C
  • Embedded C++
  • PCB Designing
  • 8051 Micro controller and types
  • PIC Micro controller and types
  • Robotics
  • Automation SCADA
  • VHDL
  • AVR
  • Introduction to Electronics
  • Introduction to Embedded systems
  • Serial Communication