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Android application development is basically about creating applications for the Android Operating System, which is an OS based on the Linux Kernel. Applications are developed in Java using Android SDK (Software Development Kit). The Android SDK provides necessary tools and APIs to start with the application development on the Android platform. It can run multiple apps at the same time, and has customizable home screen that keeps active widgets right at your fingertips, without having to launch an application first.

It has rapidly gained popularity in the smartphone industry from the past few years, thus, the demand of Android apps development is also rising and has opened doors for many job openings for Android developers across the world.

So, for people dreaming of being placed in top companies as Java developers, Webastral Professional Training (WPT) has taken the step forward. Our hard working team of android trainers provide the best training to young Android developers on all basic and advanced concepts of this technology. We have understood this field thoroughly, that is why; we have promised ourselves to transfer our skills and knowledge to the beginners through our training course.

Why should you choose us?

  • We will be training on live projects along with knowledge about basics and implementation of those concepts.
  • We follow trends of the current IT market.
  • Before starting with android development, we train students in basics such as OOPS, core java and Eclipse IDE.
  • We offer regular and balanced training, with equal focus on theory as well as practical.
  • We provide candidates original Android smart phones and tabs to deploy and debug their applications.
  • We deploy your applications in android market like Google Play or Amazon.

Program Duration

  • 6 months


Core Java:
  • OOPS concepts
  • Inheritance
  • Exceptional Handling
  • Packages and Interfaces
  • JVM and .jar file extensions
  • Multi threading
  • Android OS Fundamentals
  • Android Market
  • Application fundamentals
  • Android Architecture and Framework
  • Eclipse SDK and ADT Plugin
  • AVD Emulator
  • Activities
  • Tasks
  • Components
  • Layouts
Working with resources
  • Android layouts and views
  • Handling user interaction events
  • Accessing of resources
  • Grouping
Creating menus
  • Styles and themes
  • Adding menus and icons
  • Creating dialog
Notifying the users
  • Debugging android applications
  • Dialog notification
  • Intent and intent filters
  • Status bar
  • Toast
Multimedia in android
  • Simple media playback
  • Supported video formats
  • Multimedia supported audio formats
Java Mail API and JMS
  • Web Application Security
SQL Database
  • Introduction to SQLite
  • SQLite open helper
  • Opening and closing databases
  • Creating databases
Basic content providers
  • Content provider mime types
  • Adding
  • changing
  • removing content
  • Searching for content
  • Drawing graphics in android
  • Canvas drawing best practice
  • Drawing with XML
  • Android Animation API
  • Android Drawable class
  • Android Animation Example
  • Android Rotate Animation
  • Android Fade Animation
  • Android Zoom Animation
  • Tweened animations
Android hardware
  • Using media APIs
  • Accelerometer
  • Camera
  • Blue-tooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Compass
Location API
  • Location API Fundamental
  • Example of Android Location API
  • Working with Google Maps
  • Telephony API