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WPT feel pride in providing industrial training in Linux to fresh BCA, MCA, B.Tech and B.E students. During training, students are made to work on Live Projects which plays an important role in the terms of career prospects. Our trainers have years of experience in Linux and are RedHat Certified that make students to think and solve logically and students are prepared to cope up with future technological environment.

WPT is the perfect place for students who desire of becoming Linux Administrator. Our main aim is to shape students in Linux. Our training program in Linux is considered one of the best as have proficient faculty and avant grade training aids that allow students to learn in the most shortest time.

Training Curriculum
  • Proper use of basic command line tools
  • How to process text streams and file with the use of grep, sed and awk
  • Use of terminal text editor
  • Principles of TCP/IP networking including IP addresses, net masks and gateways
  • Use of passwords and how to set passwords
  • Use of tar, gzip and bzip2
  • Configuring e-mail client on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Use of ftp
Troubleshooting and System Maintenance
  • Booting of system into different run levels
  • Use of standard command line tools
  • Diagnosing and correcting misconfigured networking
  • Addition of new partitions, files systems and swapping to existing systems
Installation and Configuration
  • HTTP
  • SMB
  • NFS
  • FTP
  • Web proxy
  • SMTP
  • SSH
  • NTP
  • Package Installation