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You must be very good observant and should be good in paying attention to the details , this is the best feature of a good quality control inspector. For this some tests are complex and take a long time to finish and this point the patience of the inspector is must.

The approach while working should be logical and methodical and measurements and recording figures must be accurately taken. There is a great need for good numbering skill and good computer skills as these inspectors analyze, store and test results on computers. Good numbering skill is required in order to measure and weigh samples to understand and use statistics. The use of technical equipment totally depends upon the area of work. The quality of the work can also be improved if you have good communication skills , by this you can explain the problem is a good manner along with good report writing skill.

Shop Floor Quality Control Training Curriculum
  • House Keeping
  • Implementation on 5S
  • Importance of first piece inspection
  • ISO 9000 & ISO 9001
  • Knowledge limit fit, tolerance
  • Practical : Industrial job measurements