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WPT offer industry knowledge in the key areas of small, medium and large scale industries. Our PCB workshop is designed with the objective to develop modern technological and technical skills in students. The workshops are carried by expert professional having years of experience and covers all the aspects of PCB. The aspects of PCB that are covered during the training program are:

Since our beginning, we have successfully trained numerous students from across the nation.

  • Design of PCB
  • Assembly
  • Testing and manufacturing of PCB

Here students are directly guided to meet the optimal challenges and practically work with the tools, hardware, software and proper instruments. Our learning center epitomizes innovative education to inspire & empower students with self-confidence, motivation, innovation, creativity & industry.

Training Curriculum
  • Getting started with tools
  • Work Environment
  • How to start a project and setting up of proper project
  • Design Structure of the project
  • How to place, edit and connect parts and electrical symbols
  • Addition and editing of graphics and texts
  • Details about processing tools
  • Creating reports
  • Importing and Exporting Schematic data
  • PCB Design
  • What is PCB and its physical construction
  • Work Flow of PCB
  • Importing
  • Routing guidelines
  • From Layout to Production